Aviation & Automotive Artist



The Ropewalk is a fantastic venue with 3 galleries, a gift and greetings card area, bespoke framing department, and an excellent coffee shop, a superb place to visit.

Recently completed commissioned paintings have included :-

An acrylic on canvas depicting a Typhoon attack using rockets at the Falais Gap after D-day. Commissioned by an aviation and motor enthusiast and subsequently reproduced in a German aviation magazine.

A gouache painting of the 1923 Gothenburg air event for a Scandinavian client.

A Gurney Nutting bodied Bentley saloon in front of the RAC’s Goodwood House in Surrey, in a 1930s period setting. Commissioned by the car’s owner.

A large oil painting of the winning Aston Martin DBR1 driven by Roy Salvadori at Le Mans 1959 chasing Phil Hill’s Ferrari 250TR under the Dunlop Bridge. This is now available as a limited edition print. Commissioned by a member of the Aston Martin Owner’s Club.

A 466sqn Wellington oil painting for an Australian client.

Oil painting of an Aston Martin DB4GT Zagato in a futuristic 2050 setting.

Avro Manchester attack on the Gneisenau and Scharnhorst at Brest.

A gouache painting of a Royal Navy Meteor T7 flying over Brawdy airfield.

Unusually for me, a naval scene depicting King George VI inspecting the D-day armada from a Fairmile B.

An oil painting of Tony Crook's Frazer Nash Le Mans Replica racing at Monaco in 1952.

A small oil painting of the Graf Zeppelin airship which was displayed in the Hull Ferens Gallery as part of the 2017 City of Culture events.

Future projects and commissions include :-

Savoia Marchetti SM65 Schneider trophy aircraft.

A composite painting of a number of Star vintage cars.

An oil painting of a Jaguar D-type in action.

A gouache painting of a Junkers Ju52 floatplane in Norwegian airline service.

A gouache painting of Morane Saulnier MS406 in French Air Force service.